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How to start your own business and avoid costly mistakes

Entrepreneurial 101

A working guide for those who work with survivors of Military Sexual Trauma. Designed to help them understand the intricacies or working with MST survivors as well as understanding Military Sexual Trauma

Understanding Military Sexual Trauma


A brief overview of Military Sexual Trauma

Military Sexual Trauma

StoreWells 2000 LLC

This book assists the MST survivor in navigating the complexities of life after experiencing a Military Sexual Trauma. Gain valuable insight as you build your resources on the journey to becoming a Thriver.

A Survivor’s Field Guide to Military Sexual Trauma

Psych Fit

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Social Self-defense is more of a total picture of self-defense. It encompasses not only the physical act of defending one-self, but also a change in mind where we become aware of our surroundings and  thereby create a safe zone, where we are less likely to become a victim.  Social Self-defense is doing everything possible to AVOID fighting the attacker.

Social Self-Defense